Introduction to

DALBAR’S Challenge

Cork Cark, Chief Marketing Officer at DALBAR, faced the challenge of bringing a specific vision for their podcast to life. Despite having a clear idea in his mind, Cory found it difficult to articulate or visually represent this vision.

The goal was to create a podcast that not only represented DALBAR’S brand but also provided a platform for their clients, particularly financial advisors, to share their expertise.

The challenge was magnified by Cory’s concern that his vision might remain unrealized due to difficulties in communication and execution.

Key Achievements of the Podcast Project

  • The podcast produced by Old Soul successfully captured exactly what was in Cory’s mind, which he hadn’t thought possible initially.
  • This success was highly gratifying for Cory, as each released episode met his initial vision and expectations.
  • The podcast served as a win-win for Dalbar and its clients, enhancing the brand and offering a valuable platform for client engagement.

Reason for Choosing Old Soul

  • Cory chose Old Soul based on a personal connection and comfort with Matt from Old Soul. He felt Matt understood his vision and could translate it into reality.
  • There was no scientific metric used for this choice; it was based more on instinct and the comfort level Cory felt with Old Soul’s approach.

Details of the Project Execution

  • Old Soul was able to effectively extract and interpret Cory’s vision for the podcast, something he found difficult to express himself.
  • The execution involved understanding the essence of DALBAR’S brand and Cory’s unique perspective, without needing explicit visual aids or detailed articulation.

Promotional and Marketing Strategies

  • While not explicitly detailed in Cory’s testimonial, it can be inferred that the podcast was designed to align with DALBAR’S marketing strategies and enhance its brand presence.
  • The platform was also used for client engagement, offering financial advisors a stage to share their expertise.

Highlights of the Partnership

  • The collaboration between Old Soul and Dalbar was marked by a deep understanding and effective interpretation of the client’s vision.
  • The partnership was not just about producing content, but about creating a meaningful platform that benefits both Dalbar and its clients.

Call to Action

  • Encourage readers, especially those struggling to actualize their creative visions, to reach out to Old Soul for similar transformative experiences.
  • Mention that Old Soul is adept at understanding and executing client visions, even when they are not easily articulated.

This structured approach effectively captures the essence of Cory Clark’s experience with Old Soul, showcasing your company’s ability to understand and deliver on a client’s vision.